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  • I charge $125/per hour.
  • I charge for long phone calls (beyond 5 minutes). I do not charge for emails unless they become instructional emails and take more than 5 minutes to construct.
  • I ask for a $500/deposit before I start which is deducted from the balance due.
  • I ask that the balance be paid in full once the project is completed and the site is launched.
  • On certain occasions I have a client request a monthly payment plan. This should be discussed prior to beginning the work. I try to work with all of my clients and their needs.
  • Once I begin any work, I post my Work In Progress Invoice online as a PDF where it can be seen at anytime. I always let my clients know when my revised hours are  (posted under my signature in an email). This way my client knows exactly what their site is costing them at any given time. Clients can make payments to their balance at anytime. You may pay with cash, check, or paypal.
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