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Sometimes the only question is –

where and how do I begin?

You may need an old website updated, a new website updated, or possibly you just want to start over with a fresh site.

Or maybe you need graphics like business cards, cd covers, postcards, a poster, brochure or catalog?

And you wish you had somebody to answer some of these questions so that you can move forward. Or maybe you can’t move forward because you are unclear on what you really need. Or possibly you might not know what it is you really want. And so you get stuck and stay stuck.

I created Websites by JoJo because in truth, I understand the sticky stuck part. Yes, I am an artist/musician, technology geek, have a background in marketing. I can create beauty.

But my thoughts are always on this question –

how does what I do help serve your business?

And then I ask you the question –

what do you want your site, cards, brochure, catalog to do for you? What is it that you are expressing?

The answer to that question is where we begin.

I offer a free one hour phone consultation to help you determine what your next step is.

So let’s talk.

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